sanaa's recipe note book
sanaa's recipe note book

About Me

Me, Sanaa Hamzakutty, a home maker, and a busy mother of two lovely daughters. I am originally from Kannur, Kerala, India. Currently lives in Kuwait with my family. I love my parents and family the most. I would not have been who I am today without my parents continuous guidance and support. Till my marriage I just had no idea of making a very simple meal! I began cooking just after my marriage with the help of my dear mother. Then slowly I started experimenting new dishes with my own recipes. Now cooking and developing new recipes are my favorite hobbies.

My husband encouraged me to share my cooking experience through any online media, and I loved his idea. I started sharing my recipes through face book since 2013 and I am now connected with several people all over the globe through my recipes. Daily, I get several questions related to recipes and cooking from all over the world. I try to help them all with my best capacity.

Through this page I would like to share my learning experience in cooking. So far, my experience has been very good in experimenting with new dishes and I strongly recommend all of you to experiment yourself on these recipes where ever possible.

All the recipes I share here are tried by me at home and the foodie pictures are clicked by myself. In addition, most of these recipes are tried by family, friends, and many others who are following my recipes. The recipes I share in this page are very simple to cook, and at any stage if you need any help let me know, I will help to the best of my capability. Let me have your feedback on all aspects of this page.

Thank you for visiting my page. Do come back again!

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