sanaa's recipe note book
sanaa's recipe note book

Pakistani Vermicelli Logs
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Pakistani Vermicelli Logs - sanaa's recipe
  1. 1 Cup = 200ml
  1. Pakistani vermicelli - 3 ½ cup
  2. Condensed milk - 1 can
  3. Butter - 40 gm
  4. Dark chocolate - 150 gm
  5. Pistachio (ground ) - 3 tbsp
  1. Grease a square or rectangular pan with butter and keep it aside.
  2. In another pan break the vermicelli into tiny pieces. Add the butter to it and heat it till the vermicelli turns golden brown, stirring continuously.
  3. Remove the pan from flame and stir in the condensed milk. Mix well
  4. Press the mixture into the greased pan, set aside until it holds together and cools. Cut it into 1 ½ inch logs. (makes about 30 pieces )
  5. Put the dark chocolate over a water bath to melt. Dip the tip of the vermicelli logs into the melted chocolate and then into the ground pistachios and set aside till the chocolate sets.
  6. Serve cooled.

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